Half-Square Triangles & Beyond Volume 2


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In the second volume, Half-Square Triangles & Beyond Volume 2, you’ll discover many surprising techniques and learn how methods easily morph into many others! Complete step-by-step instructions and cutting amounts for units ranging from 1″ to 12″ finished. Learn how to trim the units with ease. Volume 2 picks up the skills you learned in Volume 1 and takes you to new heights. You’ll be shocked to see all the units you can make with your Bloc Loc HST ruler!

  • You will learn 10 methods for making traditional and unusual QST and have at your fingertips the easiest way to trim them. Have trouble trimming them? It’s here and super easy. Can’t trim them so that all four seams are in the corner and sharp? That’s here as well!
  • Like Birds in the Air (BIA) units? They are in many blocks and the chapter on BIA has you covered with 6 methods. Many methods are will be surprising and produce the most amazing blocks!
  • If you’ve never made Windmill units, you’re in for a treat! They are a type of HST and all the techniques, cutting amounts and trimming instructions are here. What may shock some quilters is a different way to make Le Moyne and Hunter Stars which are also HST units.
  • Hidden Squares is a unit that many quilters have not seen but, wow–they are nothing short of amazing! Have you ever seen a HST inside an HST? How about a QST (hourglass) inside an HST? It’s in this sweet chapter!
  • Have you ever made a Delectable Mountain quilt? A little birdie tells me you will soon when you see the different types of blocks. With sub-cuts ranging from 1 to 5, you’ll find the methods to make them, full cutting charts and tips to get you started. It all starts with Bloc Loc HST ruler and some scraps to make the most wonderful quilts.                      80 pages, spirally bound $27.65
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