We believe in Quilter's Bliss

All of the products made by Bloc Loc must adhere to our five production principles:


  • Made in USA, with good old-fashioned durability.
  • Must be innovative, fulfilling quilters needs.
  • Must be simple and easy to use.
  • Must be tested extensively by Quilters to ensure quality.
  • Must in some way bring bliss to quilters.

Bloc Loc has been created by husband and wife team, Paul and Janna. Paul, an Australian, was an aircraft maintenance engineer and Janna, an American, is the author of Courtship Quilts; Inspired by the Victorian Language of Flowers, published by Martingale & Co 2005 and a quilt designer.

Now based in Loveland Colorado, Bloc Loc manufactures, distributes and sells their own patent pending products which are new and innovative, made of the highest quality materials by the old fashioned standard of making products which are built tough enough to last from one generation to the next!

Because Bloc Loc is the manufacturer, distributors and retail sales – mark ups are low, and the savings are passed on to you, the customer.  When we get better deals on supply, those savings are passed on directly to you, the customer. For this reason, prices will fluctuate from time to time. Most of Bloc Loc’s products are available in many local quilt shops across the world.


We’re a family affair in the classic tradition of quilting.

Before becoming a professional quilter, Janna was a Home Economics teacher.  After finding her passion for quilting, Janna wrote her first book, “Courtship Quilts: Inspired by the Victorian Language of Flowers” in 2005.  It was a Thanksgiving holiday that set her business fate.  Her mother came for dinner, toting a ruler with duct tape on it, explaining that the tape stopped the rocking and slipping but she couldn’t see through the tape.  As an airplane engineer, Paul knew what to do to bring his mother-in-law’s idea to fruition.  He made a machined groove in an acrylic ruler, and Bloc Loc was born.  The first Bloc Loc ruler went into production in early 2010 and they’ve revolutionized quilting tools ever since.

Bloc Loc wanted to bring their products into Australia with the ability to offer customers cheaper postage costs and as such Bloc Loc Rulers Pty Ltd was born in Australia.

Joining the Bloc Loc team is Paul’s daughter Michelle. Michelle will be heading up the Australian branch of the company distributing products to both wholesale and retail customers. Based in Queensland Michelle will become the sole distributor of our products in Australia.

Michelle is a wife, a mother of two children aged 3 and 5, a Thermomix consultant and a primary school teacher who enjoys cooking and sewing; when there is spare time. She is looking forward to where Bloc Loc Australia may take her.