We like to share glimpses of our work, co-creators and travels. Family and friends are key to the quilting world. And oh, did we mention how thrilled we are when we see your quilts made with our products on social media? Cheers, Quilters!

Featured Quilters

Eleanor Tyner is a 12 year old quilter from Tennessee.

She made this quilt (her first) after being shown a Bloc Loc for the first time!

Eleanor also quilted it herself on a long arm machine.

Kudos to Eleanor on her beautiful quilt.

Judy Bain won an honorable mention for her quilt at the quilt show in Ellis County, Texas.

This was the first quilt she has ever entered into a contest.

Pretty impressive, Judy.  Kudos.

Happening Around Bloc Loc

“Nana Janna” and Aubrey Steele having fun at the Bloc Loc warehouse.

We had the pleasure of a visit from the Steele family who help manufacture the rulers for us. Here is their middle daughter Aubrey having fun with Janna Thomas in our warehouse!

We love to see your Bloc Loc projects. Please send your project photos to info@blocloc.com. Make sure to include your contact information as well as the maker information.

Send us your photos and thoughts. We'd love to share them.