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Star Fusion Cutting & Sewing List for Shows Class

Class Description: Get your glow on with the technique-fusions from Bloc Loc Rulers and learn how to make your star blocks explode! By using several seemingly unrelated techniques and the popular Half Triangle Ruler Set from Bloc Loc Rulers, you’ll be able to make a wide variety of new stars while adding to your quilter’s toolbox of tricks.

Objective: Students will learn six unrelated piecing techniques and then fuse these skills in various combinations to create the incredible, glowing Star Fusion block.

Technique #1—Students will make string set before class.

Techniques #2 to #6. This is a learn & play section where the students will learn each technique and then practice, advancing (as a class) from technique to technique. Also during this class, students will be using their skill-builder worksheets to help them customize how they want their stars to shine. Students will combine all six techniques to create their own Star Fusion block.

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Bloomin’ Cogwheels Class

Click here for class prep handout.

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